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For the Public: 

It is apparent that the practice of dieting for the vast majority of people with weight concern is unhelpful. You deserve care and timely treatment that does not discriminate against you on the basis of your body size or shape. A dietitian using the non-diet approach principles can help you to better health without dieting in the context of your own family, medical, lifestyle, weight and dieting history. Clinical trials have shown that the non-diet approach can have widespread benefits, including decreasing LDL (bad) cholesterol, decreasing blood pressure, decreasing body dissatisfaction and depression, increasing physical activity levels and fitness, and long term weight stability - much healthier than continuing to yoyo! 

If your eating patterns and weight struggle are a considerable cause of distress for you a psychologist or counsellor may be able to help you to see the world and yourself from a new, more compassionate, perspective. Psychologists and counsellors who use the non-diet approach can work alongside a non-diet approach dietitian or independently if you are free from diet-disease risk factors.

Many other health and fitness professionals also practice within the Health at Every Size (R) framework. Having a team of people around you who are all focussed on encouraging healthy behaviours without the intention of body weight or shape change can be very helpful considering how weight-focussed the world can seem at times. Please see the links on this page to find someone who fits your needs.

To find your closest non-diet approach health professionals you can try the following:

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